Rudhramadevi treads new path in 3D technology

Gunasekhar’s most ambitious film till date, Rudhramadevi, is exploring new ways of presenting the latest 3D technology to the audiences. Usually, 3D film viewing required 3D glasses to experience the depth, apart from the usual 2D that comprises of length and breadth of a moving image. For Rudhramadevi, Gunasekhar incorporated the ‘Enhanced Depth Solution’ (EDS) which lets the audiences experience the depth without having to wear the glasses.

Gunasekhar roped in the prestigious Ying Group that previously worked on Hollywood biggies like Avatar, Inception, Kung Fu Panda and King Kong etc to enable the EDS for Rudhramadevi’s 2D versions to offer the traditional 3D experience to the audiences who may not get a direct 3D release at their nearest cinemas.

The EDS literally converts each 2D image into a 3D image by increasing the photo depth in the images. The Ying Group has been working on Rudhramadevi for the last eight months and the team members are content with the results. Rudhramadevi will hit the screens towards the end of July or early August.