Shortened version for Baahubali’s international version

19th, May 2015 - 09:21:01 AM

SS Rajamoli’s magnum opus, Baahubali, will be recut for the film’s international version. The two part epic drama runs for 290 minutes and several songs and few scenes will be cut to reach out to the western audience, who usually prefer watching short duration films.

Speaking to a popular international entertainment magazine, the film’s producer Shobu Yarlagadda said that the film’s runtime will be adjusted balancing the emphasis between the drama in the narrative and the songs. Shobu also said that the film’s story is completely original and it is not based on any Indian epic.

Meanwhile, Baahubali’s international promotions and distribution campaign kick started at the Cannes Film Festival yesterday.Baahubali’s team has got the former head of the Director’s Fortnight program on board to represent the film at Cannes.