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Suffering from diarrhoea: Darshan’s special request to High Court
Published on Jul 11, 2024 9:00 pm IST

Tainted Sandalwood star Darshan, who has been in judicial remand since June 22 in connection with the sensational murder of his fan Renukaswamy, has moved the Karnataka High Court with a special request. Darshan’s counsel informed the court that the actor is suffering from diarrhoea after consuming jail food and requested the court to allow home food, a bed, and books for the actor.

Darshan’s lawyer informed the court that the food provided in the prison was not properly digested by Darshan. As a result, Darshan has been suffering from diarrhoea, stomach infection and also lost weight. Darshan’s request for home food has already been turned down by the jail authorities.

Darshan’s counsel further stated in the court that Darshan is losing weight alarmingly, and he may face health challenges. The lawyer submitted that prisoners are allowed to receive food, clothing, and beds from outside as per Section 30 of the Prisons Act 1963. The counsel also argued that his client has not been pronounced guilty yet.

“The government expenditure will be reduced if food, bed, books, and newspapers are allowed from home. Not allowing home food for Darshan is inhumane and a violation of Article 21 of the Indian Constitution,” the lawyer informed the court. However, the court emphasised that the rule is common for all and Darshan’s case will also be treated the same. The court has asked the counsel to present orders from other courts to facilitate outside food.

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