Suriya, Karthi Set The Right Example For Other Stars

For the past few years, several producers have openly expressed their concerns about the growing demands of actors and actresses. Apart from the remunerations to the stars, producers are also expected to pay hefty amounts on a daily basis to the assistants of actors. And by the time the shoot is wrapped up, it adds up to a huge amount.

When these issues were raised in Tamil film industry recently, Suriya came forward and promised that he’ll pay the salaries to his assistants from his own pocket. And then, Karthi too promised the same, along with Vishal. Trade sources believe that this move alone could save Rs 10-15 lakhs per project. With two of the biggest stars setting an example in Tamil film industry, it’ll be interesting to see how others will take this forward.

In recent past, the three actors – Suriya, Karthi and Vishal – have been at the forefront of several measures to fix some of the issues that the producers have been facing, and their latest gesture comes as a relief to the producers fraternity.