Suriya’s message to fans abusing female VJs

Recently, a couple of female VJs of a popular Tamil music channel mocked Tamil star Suriya’s “short” height by comparing him with Amitabh Bachchan. Needless to say, this below the belt sense of humor didn’t go down well with fans and several celebrities and they all condemned the channel’s audacity to air such views.

Suriya’s fans started verbally attacking both the young VJs on social media with abusive words and memes. Many fans protested in front of the TV channel’s building, while some went on to file a police complaint on the VJs and the channel’s crew.

This morning, Suriya took to Twitter and gave out an important message to his fans. “We do not want to downgrade our quality by reacting to the low-level criticism. Please spend your time and energy for useful deeds and the benefit of our society,” Suriya said in his tweet.