Swag’s nationwide distribution rights are with this noted distributors
Published on Jun 24, 2024 1:00 pm IST

Swag marks the latest collaboration between actor Sree Vishnu and director Hasith Goli, with Ritu Varma leading the cast as the main female protagonist, alongside Meera Jasmine, Dakshina Nagarkar, and Saranya Pradeep in significant roles.

Following the release of an exciting sneak peek, the producers made headlines by selling the film’s nationwide distribution rights to Asian Suresh Entertainment LLP for a substantial sum. This pre-release buzz emphasises the anticipation surrounding Sree Vishnu’s latest venture, even prior to the unveiling of an official teaser.

Notable actors like Getup Srinu, Ravi Babu, Goparaju Ramana, and others play important roles in Swag, produced by TG Vishwa Prasad of People Media Factory. Vivek Sagar is the composer, adding his musical magic to the film.

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