The man behind SRR’s magnificent sets

he visual brilliance of Sri Rama Rajyam was mainly due to the sets. Rama’s private chambers (ekantha mandiram) with Lord Surya in the centre flanked by the lineage of kings from Raghuvamsham was a masterpiece. The sets were planned and designed by Kiran Kumar, the art director of the film. Combining scale and detail, Kiran and his team churned out sets that were only thought possible in Hollywood films. Speaking to journalists in Hyderabad, Kiran said it took his team a non stop work schedule of 90 days to complete the key sets in the film.

Kiran recalled that when Balakrishna and Bapu first saw the completed sets they were very impressed and told him that the sets had turned out wonderfully well. “To me that was the equivalent of getting an award”‘ Kiran said. Currently Kiran is working as an art director for a 3D film with Kalyan Ram and on a socio fantasy film with Upendra.