The software engineer who became a famous Telugu heroine

There was once a girl who went through our infamously senseless education system to become a software engineer. She lived a stereotypical life; arriving promptly at 10 AM in the office and waiting for the clock to tick all the way to 6 PM. She was scared that she would have to do this all her life, trapped within four walls with no other option but sit in front of her computer and code away. Luckily for her, and definitely us, that did not happen. That girl is none other than Taapsee, who is now glamorously blazing the silver screen with her presence in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi movies.

Speaking of her journey, she said “I am a person who requires to be active and creative all the time, and I tried to work like that in my earlier career too. But it was very frustrating, so I decided to pick up modeling to add some variety to my life. Eventually that became my primary focus and I got a chance to get into the film industry. Now my situation is such that I cannot imagine myself without movies! I find it super fun to get into my character as soon as I get to the sets.I am very happy to live a different life everyday. I love living other people’s lives!”, she said.

We are definitely happy that she decided to stop staring into a computer and started to look into a camera lens.