This is why Upendra didn’t direct Megastar Chiranjeevi
Published on Jun 17, 2024 12:00 am IST

Upendra Rao, a.k.a Upendra, is one of the gifted actors in Indian cinema. He directed, bankrolled, and also wrote the screenplay for a few films besides acting. His bold films like Upendra and A brought him close to the Telugu audience. He also played crucial roles in straight Telugu movies like Kanyadaanam, Son of Satyamurthy, and Ghani.

But how many of you know that Upendra missed the boat of directing none other than our Megastar Chiranjeevi? Yes, You heard it right. Upendra missed the golden opportunity to make a film with Chiranjeevi. In one of the recent interviews, Upendra stated that the project didn’t materialize due to Megastar’s gargantuan stardom and brand image. “I was a novice to the industry back then. I didn’t know if I could handle Megastar,” said Upendra.

Upendra also stated that he had interesting ideas, but he was not sure whether they would suit Megastar’s superstardom. Upendra opined that he was not destined to collaborate with Megastar. Upendra will be next seen in the film UI, which he himself directed.

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