Upasna speaks out for a cause

Over the last one week, the mysterious death of a young engineering student named Katkuri Devi, who allegedly died in a car accident in Hyderabad, has been moving several people’s hearts and they are coming out in large numbers to join Devi’s parents and friends in their fight for justice for Devi and to punish the culprits responsible for her death. Devi’s parents and friends allege that her friend Bharath Simha Reddy is responsible for her death.

Extending her support to these protests now is actor Ram Charan’s wife Upasna Kamineni. Yesterday, Upasna shared a post on her Facebook which appealed to everyone to join the fight for justice and even asked to sign a petition to the Supreme Court of India demanding justice for Devi.

Upasna said in her post, “Another Indian daughter lost her life and there is no action taken on the culprit only because he is rich enough to have connections. Let us all come together and show him that he cannot escape from the truth and justice. Keep sharing this post as much as possible to it compels the govt officials to take strict action on the culprit whoever he is.”