Varun Tej’s Performance Will Be A Major Highlight In Tholiprema

With just two days to go before Tholiprema releases, the team has finally begun sharing some interesting information about the film. While the film’s music has already become a huge hit, the team has now stated that Varun Tej’s performance will be a major highlight in the film.

Venky Atluri, who directed the film, said that working with Varun Tej was quite a stress-free experience. “Varun is someone who likes to go beneath the lines to understand the true emotion of a scene. A lot of people read a line and try and memorize it. But you give Varun a line; he goes a couple of layers to understand the real emotion behind a line. He does this by default and nobody has to tell him. It was mostly single take shots with him and he is amazing in the film,” Venky said in a recent interview.

The film explores Varun Tej and Raashi Khanna’s journey in three phases of their lives, and buzz is that both the actors have delivered brilliant performances. The film is slated for release on February 10.