Vijay Sethupathi not repeating the mistake made by other heroes
Published on Jun 18, 2024 10:00 pm IST

Making a good film alone isn’t sufficient in this OTT era. The filmmakers need to promote their product extensively so that it grabs the attention of the audience. Though there isn’t a big complaint about the pre-release promotions, many are not concentrating on the post-release promotions. Even if the content is solid, the makers need to make sure the film becomes the topic of discussion, at least for a couple of weeks, to maximize the revenue.

At a time when the theatrical window is hardly 30 days, the post-release promotions play a key role in bringing crowds to theatres, but surprisingly, not enough effort is being put in after the release. Vijay Sethupathi’s Maharaja is doing spectacular business in Telugu and is about to enter the profit zone shortly. Before its release, there wasn’t massive hype for Maharaja in Telugu. Vijay Sethupathi promoted the film well, but the revenge thriller started making money only after word of mouth came into play.

With each passing day, Maharaja is going from strength to strength at the box office. But that didn’t stop Vijay Sethupathi from promoting the film further. Yesterday, he participated in the success meet conducted in Hyderabad and thanked the audience for their love. The terrific performer is also busy giving interviews to various media outlets and is leaving no stone unturned to take the movie closer to the audience.

Vijay Sethupathi said, “More than the success celebrations, I feel these interviews as promotions. Maharaja is performing well, but I want it to reach a large audience. That’s the real success for us. It is important that stories like these should be known to more people.” Vijay Sethupathi not only knows how to leave the audience spellbound with his impressive performances, but he is also conscious of how to promote a good product, and this quality should be imbibed by others as well.

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