Vishnu Manchu defends Dhenikaina Ready

31st, October 2012 - 11:00:38 AM

Vishnu Manchu has defended his film Dhenikaina Ready amidst a raging controversy over the portrayal of Brahmins in the film. For the past couple of days, several members from the Brahmin community have been staging protests against the film; however, Vishnu has stated once again that there’s nothing offensive against a particular community in the film. “To my buddies everywhere, DKR doesn’t have any scenes disrespecting the respectful Bhramins or any1. Those who have seen it wud know it.V know all this drama is being created by one lady or one man. We shall expose them v soon and let the legal system deal wit such culprits.Meanwhile lets not believe rumours floating Kerala there r no protests then y only couple of protests in AP? U b the best judge!Thank q one and all for making DKR a huuuuuge hit,” Vishnu posted on Twitter. Dhenikaina Ready is doing quite well at box office and it’s by far the biggest hit in Vishnu’s career. The film’s Malayalam version Endhenum Ready has clicked with the audience in Kerala too and Dhenikaina Ready will release in Chennai this weekend.