Review : 3G Love – Atrocious Assault on the senses
3G-Love Release date : 15 March 2013 Rating :1.5/5
Director : Govardhan Krishna
Producer : Pratap Kalagatla
Music Director : Shekar Chandra
Starring : Siddhartha

3G Love is a ‘youth drama’ that blatantly tries to mimic ‘Ee Rojullo’ and ‘Bus Stop’. The film has been directed by Govardhan Krishna and Pratap Kolagatla is the producer. Music has been composed by Shekhar Chandra. Let us try to ‘analyse’ the film.

Story :

Well, err.. there really is no story in this film. There is just an agenda. Or perhaps,multiple agendas. One agenda that becomes crystal clear from the very beginning is the desire to replicate the commercial success of recent A rated Youth comedies like ‘Ee Rojullo’ etc . The ingredients are all there – Engineering backdrop, girls who maintain multiple boyfriends and even Rao Ramesh.

The second agenda of the film is to set up a classic boys vs girls superiority debate . Dialogues like “Ms. eppatikaina Mrs. avvalisindhey ne…kaani Men eppudu Misters ye ne” and “Boys always want to lose their virginity but girls don’t” give us an indication of what the director is trying to do.

With absolutely no plot or central romantic track to fall back on, the film limps and crawls all the way to the climax with the help of some moral science classes from Rao Ramesh, some provocative dialogues and a few cheap jokes.

What happens in the end is what, err, this film is all about.

Plus Points :

Shekhar Chandra’s music is the sole positive aspect of this movie. One or two cheesy scenes work, but you will have to search really hard to find them.

There are tons of actors in the film, so I won’t even try to find out who played what role. A few of them did an ok job, however.

Negative Points :

The film’s writing department needs to be felicitated for coming up with the most atrocious and senseless script seen in recent times. There is absolutely no plot and character development is zero.

Some of the actors in the film have delivered truly atrocious performances. Especially in that auditorium episode, which seems to drag on and on and on.

The film takes on a very cliched and stale air as it approaches the climax. Then there is this female character in the hostel, who is the equivalent of Nagarjuna’s character from ‘Manmadhudu’. Her single point agenda is to hate all things male. Her dialogues and performance will make you want to tear your hair out.

The film is way too long. At least 30 mins could have been chopped off on the editing table easily. Finally, there is Rao Ramesh. The poor guy was cast in such a badly written role that you can’t help but feel sorry for him. You can almost sense his unease on the screen. A terrible waste of a fine talent.

Technical Aspects :

Again, except for Shekhar Chandra, there is nothing to write home about. Dialogues are extremely bad. Adult jokes will work only if they are cleverly written. Cinematography is bad. Editing is virtually non-existent.

Govardhan’s direction skills and screenplay writing abilities are very poor. Let us just leave it at that.

Verdict :

This film is an assault on the intelligence of viewers. Bad writing, bad acting and a non-existent plot leave a very bad taste in the mouth. And the long run-time only adds to the misery. At the Box Office, the film may pull in some revenue from C centers because of the vulgarity, but that does not change the fact that ‘3G Love’ is atrocious, Rating – 1.5/5

Reviewed by Mahesh S Koneru

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