Review : Circle – Dull and slow
Published on Jul 8, 2023 3:01 am IST
Circle Telugu Movie Review

Release Date : July 07, 2023 Rating : 2.25/5

Starring: Sai Ronak, Richa Panai, Arshin Mehta, Baba Bhaskar, Naina

Director: Neelakanta

Producers: M.V. Sharat Chandra, T. Sumalatha Annith Reddy, Venu Babu Addagada

Music Director: NS Prasu

Cinematographer: Ranganath Gogineni

Editor: Madhu Reddi

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Circle, starring Sai Ronak, Richa Panai, Arshin Mehta, and Baba Bhaskar in key roles, has hit the screens today. It is directed by Neelakanta. Let’s see how it is.


Puttur Ganesh (Baba Bhaskar) is a contract killer. He is asked to kill the renowned photographer Kailash (Sai Ronak). Puttur Ganesh has a principle as per which he sets free the person he is about to kill if both parties (One who is the target and the other is the hiring party) come to a peace treaty. Puttur Ganesh comes to kill Kailash in his home and gives him a chance as per his principle. Kailash has had three girlfriends in the past who are Arundathi (Richa Panai), Malvika (Nayana), and Himani Rajput (Arshin Mehta). Kailash thinks one of them would have hired Puttur Ganesh to eliminate him. Who is that? This forms the crux of the story.

Plus Points:

Sai Ronak impresses with his performance and dons three different looks in the movie for three love stories. He did a good job as a person who is stubborn about not changing his career path, no matter what. He exudes confidence in a few emotional scenes.

The second love track featuring Nayana and Sai Ronak was decent and short. The conflict point between the lead pair in this story looked logical and believable. Nayana performed well in a limited role. Arshin Mehta is okay as a North Indian girl. Richa Panai shared a neat chemistry with the protagonist.

Minus Points:

The film has three love stories that almost take the lion’s share of the screen time. While the second one is decent, the first and third are pretty boring. The third love story, in particular, is painfully slow. There is inconsistency in the way hero’s character has been designed, as he behaves in a contradictory way in different stages of the movie.

The whole movie is about who hired the contract killer to eliminate the protagonist, and this reason is revealed only in the last few minutes. One would wait patiently until the end to know who that is, only to get disappointed. The reason stated at the end isn’t convincing at all and is illogical.

The movie’s core theme is also established at the very end, but it looked very bad, and the silly twist played the spoilsport here. The second half just goes on and on, and the movie is dragged for no reason. The first and last love stories lack depth and are bland. Baba Bhaskar is okay in his role, but it is flawed.

Technical Aspects:

NS Prasu’s music is okay. Ranganath Gogineni’s cinematography is good. The editing team should have shortened the second half considerably. The production values are good.

Coming to the director, Neelakanta, he did a poor job with Circle. His core point is fine, but the way it is told looks awful. The narrative is filled with boring love stories that don’t have proper emotions. The movie is neither a thriller nor a romantic drama.


On the whole, Circle is a tiresome watch. The movie is filled with boring love tracks that lack depth and proper emotions. The core point is meaningful, but the presentation is poor. Except for the performance of Sai Ronak and a few scenes, this movie is a total disappointment. You can skip it and explore other options this weekend. Rating: 2.25/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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