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OTT Review: Aham Reboot – Telugu web movie on Aha
Aham Reboot Telugu Movie Review

Movie Name : Aham Reboot

Release Date : July 1, 2024 Rating : 2.25/5

Starring : Sumanth

Director: Prashant Sagar Atluri

Producers: Raghuveer Goriparthy, Srujan Yarabolu

Music Director: Sriram Madhuri

Cinematographer: Varun Ankarla

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After playing key roles in the superhit movies Sita Ramam and SIR, hero Sumanth is back with a unique thriller titled Aham Reboot. The entire movie features a single character, played by Sumanth. Aham Reboot had its direct world premiere on the Aha OTT platform. Check out our review to know how the movie is.


Nilay (Sumanth) dreams of becoming a football player. However, an unfortunate accident turns his life upside down when a girl named Avantika dies because of him. Nilay suffers from suicidal thoughts due to this guilt. He takes up a radio jockey job to get out of his pain. One day, a girl calls Nilay during a live show, tells him that she has been kidnapped and locked in a dark room, and pleads with him to rescue her. Who is this girl? Why did Nilay call K? What is the role of the police in the story? How does Nilay trace the girl’s whereabouts during the live show? Is there a connection between the kidnapped girl and the deceased Avantika? Watch the movie on Aha to find the answers.

Plus Points:

The movie offers a thrilling experience with just one character. The main theme, along with some emotional scenes and the twist in the climax, are quite impressive. Sumanth does complete justice to his character. He exhibits many variations in certain scenes with his emotional act. Some well-made sequences and the background score in those scenes add to the thrill factor and intensify the narrative.

Even though the entire story takes place in a single room with a single character during a radio show, the director maintains the curiosity well at some places, making Aham reboot a decent psychological revenge thriller.

Minus Points:

The film’s plotline and screenplay run on a predictable note in several sequences. The film would have been even better had there been a more engaging screenplay and a more interesting conflict from the protagonist’s point of view. Similarly, adding more depth to the dialogue would have been a huge plus.

While Sumanth’s performance is decent, most of his scenes are quite simplistic. The entire movie being narrated through a single character might have added an experimental touch, but the lack of a supporting cast is evident in the loosely-knit narrative.

Although the premise of how an RJ, who is deeply affected by the guilt of being responsible for a girl’s death, gets out of that guilt and starts life afresh is impressive, the way this core point is narrated is underwhelming due to the lack of a taut screenplay.

Technical Aspects:

Director Prashanth Sagar Atluri chose a good plotline and an impressive lead actor but could not come up with a more compelling screenplay. Composer Sriram Madhuri’s background score is laudable. Some scenes could have been edited better for a crisper narrative. The cinematography by Varun Ankar is decent, and the production values by Raghuveer Goriparthi and Srujan Yarabolu suit the movie’s setup and scale.


The experimental film ‘Aham Reboot’ offers a thrilling experience with a single character only in a few scenes. However, the movie fails to impress on the whole due to the presence of regular revenge elements, boring screenplay, and weak treatment. Those who love experimental thrillers may be disappointed with this half-baked movie. Rating: 2.25/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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