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OTT Review : Prema Vimanam – Telugu film on ZEE5
Published on Oct 12, 2023 4:01 pm IST
The Great Indian Suicide Telugu Movie Review

Release Date : October 12, 2023 Rating : 2.5/5

Starring: Devansh Nama, Anirudh Nama, Sangeeth Shobhan, Saanvee Megghana, Anasuya Bharadwaj, Vennela Kishore, Supreeth Reddy, Raj Tirandasu, Goparaju Ramana

Director: Santosh Kata

Producer: Abhishek Nama

Music Director: Anup Rubens

Cinematographer: Jagadeesh Cheekati

Editor: Amar Reddy Kudumula

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Producer Abhishek Nama’s children, Devansh Nama and Anirudh Nama, made their film debut with Prema Vimanam. The movie also stars Sangeeth Shobhan and Saanvee Megghana in crucial roles. The movie is currently streaming on ZEE5, and let’s see how it is.


Ramu (Devansh Nama) and Lachu (Anirudh Nama) are the sons of a poor farmer. One day, a friend of Ramu and Lachu says he travelled on a flight, which fascinates the brothers. They develop a strong desire to board a flight, but their economic condition doesn’t allow them to fulfill their dream. On the other hand, there are Mani (Sangeeth Shobhan) and Abhita (Saanvee Megghana) who deeply love each other. But their relationship hasn’t always been smooth sailing due to caste issues. Did the couple live the life that they wished? Did the kids achieve their dream? This is what the film is about.

Plus Points:

The story of two kids is heart-touching. It is filled with solid emotions, innocence, and humor aspects. The way in which the kids go all out to fulfill their desire is shown in a compelling manner. One wouldn’t believe that Prema Vimanam is the first film for Devansh Nama and Anirudh Nama. Such is the finesse shown by the kids. They are adorable in every scene. Particularly, their scenes with Vennela Kishore are entertaining.

At a crucial juncture in the film, the kids and the couple cross their paths, and those portions are highly gripping. The manner in which these two distinctive plots are linked is admirable. The foundation for the same is established from the very beginning, and hence, it fits into the narrative. Sangeeth Shobhan played the role of a village guy with utmost conviction. The way he emoted fury, tension, and helplessness is superb.

While Mad showed the comedy angle in Sangeeth Shobhan, Prema Vimanam proved that he is strong in emotional sequences, too. Saanvee Megghana is impressive as Abhita. Her expressions are very good, and she exuded confidence in her performance. Every song in the film is excellent, and Anup Rubens did a terrific job. Anasuya, Vennela Kishore, Supreeth Reddy, Raj Tirandasu, and Goparaju Ramana did justice to their roles.

Minus Points:

While the kids’ story is good, the love story isn’t appealing. It is very generic, and it is something that we have been seeing for quite a while. It deals with the caste issue in an ordinary manner, and there isn’t anything novel here. Also, the scenes were repetitive. However, it is concluded well.

The movie is narrated in a slow manner for the most part, and at times, it becomes boring. The film is very lengthy, and a few redundant scenes could have been chopped off. Particularly, the climax and the post-interval portions are dragged a bit.

There is a twist that comes at the end, and it bogs down the impact considerably. Of late, it is being overused, and hence the wow factor is missing. A few scenes in Prema Vimanam will remind us of previous movies.

Technical Aspects:

Anup Rubens impressed big time with his splendid songs. Even the background score is too good. The cinematography by Jagadeesh Cheekati is excellent. Sometimes, a lot can be conveyed without any dialogue. There is this beautiful scene in the film where a paper rocket gets torn as soon as the kids learn about their father’s death. It indicates that the dream of kids got shattered by the passing away of their father. This short scene is well shot.

The production values are good. The editing could have been a lot better. Coming to the director, Santosh, he did just an okay job with Prema Vimanam. Santosh is successful in presenting the kids’ story. The love story could have been presented in a better manner, though.


On the whole, Prema Vimanam is a rural drama that works strictly in parts. While the story featuring kids work, the love story is pretty routine and is filled with repetitive scenes. Devansh Nama, Anirudh Nama, Sangeeth Shobhan, and Saanvee Megghana did an excellent job, and the last half an hour was gripping. A few fun scenes evoked decent laughs. But as a whole, the movie is below-par. Rating: 2.5/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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