Film Trivia: With which hero was the Telugu remake of 3 Idiots planned?

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This poll has ended (since 2 months).

Poll : With which hero was the Telugu remake of 3 Idiots planned?

Mahesh Babu
Ram Charan
Pawan Kalyan

The correct answer is Ram Charan. There were rumors that Mahesh Babu was initially approached for the Telugu remake, but at the audio launch event of Snehithudu, Charan himself said that the project was first offered to him. Also, Charan said he had been invited to the special preview of 3 Idiots by Vinod Chopra, which happened much before the release.

Vidhu Vinod Chopra asked Charan to do the film in Telugu, but the latter declined the offer as he felt it would be impossible to recreate the magic of Aamir Khan. Charan regretted not being part of the remake after he learned that Shankar was the director.