Review : Amrutham Chandamama Lo – Strictly for serial lovers
amrutham-chandamamalo Release date : 17 May 2014 Rating : 2.75/5
Director : Gurram Gangaraju
Producer : Gurram Gangaraju
Music Director :  Shri
Starring : Sivannarayana, Inturi Vasu, Srinivas Avasarala

Gunnam Gangaraju has always been associated with some meaningful films in the past. He is now back with an experimental film in Amrutham Chandamama Lo. Starring Srinivas Avasarla and Harish in lead roles, this film has hit the screens today. Let’s see how it is.


Amrutha Rao(Srinvas Avasarla) and Anjaneyulu(Harish) are two best friends, who get separated because of a foolish condition laid by Amrutha Rao’s father in law. Both the friends set out on their own way, and become rich and successful businessmen by running their respective hotel industries.

This is also the time when the government starts tourist visits to the space. Twist in the tale comes when their old house owner Appaji(Sivanarayana) comes up with an unique idea to take the two friends to space, and make them open restaurant business there.

Both the friends fall for the trap, and sell their entire property and end up on space along with a few others. Rest of the story is as to what happens to the entire gang, when they land up in space.

Plus Points:-

Srinivas Avarsarla and Harish do a good job and bring in decent laughs through out the film. Their chemistry in a few scenes is quite good. The entire supporting cast do absolute justice to their roles, and never go over the top.

Appaji, played by Sivanarayana does a superb job, and brings in most of the laughs as the witty house owner. Certain comedy episodes in the second half executed in the space also look good. The entire space set up and visuals look rich.

Ahuti Prasad does a decent job as the faction leader. His punch dialogues and satires are executed well.

Minus Points:-

Even though this film is a take off from the famous serial, it could not get the same impact as the serial. Though the story idea looks interesting, the way it has been executed lacks focus.

The entire movie has been promoted as based up in space. But those episodes only come during the last half an hour, and are the far from better.

Once the film enters the space set up, its looks childish and lacks focus. Scenes canned and the way the entire climax has been handled leaves a lot to be desired.

Pace of the movie gets a bit slow during the second half, and the excess length of the movie also does not help matters.

Technical Aspects:-

This movie is technically strong in many aspects. Music of the film is just OK, and luckily the songs do not cause much disturbance to the flow of the film.

Dialogues written are witty and humorous. Editing of the film is pretty good, but it is the visual effects which takes the cake. The entire last part of the second half, has huge graphics, and Ethnic Creative Studios who did the visual effects have designed and executed them pretty well.

Screenplay of the film is disappointing. Gunnam Gangaraju’s concept is pretty good, but he takes too much time to establish the story, and adds unnecessary scenes right from the start of the film.


On the whole, Amrutham Chandamam Lo has a few decent laughs here and there. On the flip side, those who have not watched the serial, might find it a bit tough to enjoy this film. Finally, you can give this film a shot if you have nothing else to do. Rating –  2.75/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team



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