Review : Yamudiki Mogudu – Decent Allari Naresh flick
yamudiki-mogudu-poster Release date: 27DEC 2012 Rating : 3/5
Director : E. Satti Babu
Producer : Chanti Addala
Music Director : Koti
Starring : Allari Naresh, Richa Panai

Comedy King Allari Naresh has come up with a new socio-fantasy entertainer titled ‘Yamudiki Mogudu’. The movie has released across Andhra Pradesh today and E. Sattibabu is the director of the film. As the movie is coming up after the success of ‘Sudigaadu’, the film is carrying good expectations. Shayaji Shinde, Ramya Krishna and Richa Panai are seen in key roles. Let us see how the movie fares

Story :

Because of an error committed by Lord Brahma, Naresh (Allari Naresh) is born a month early without the mandatory ‘Thalaratha’. Due to this error, Naresh does not have the normal human tendencies like death or disease. He is also addicted to mythological dramas and takes part in them actively. During one such Swayamvaram drama, Lord Yama’s daughter Yamaja (Richa Panai) is intentionally brought into the proceedings by Narada Maharshi (Veteran actor Naresh).

Yamaja marries Naresh in that play and takes him for her husband in real life too. She keeps hounding him and slowly, Naresh also reciprocates her feelings. Lord Yamadharma Raja (Shayaji Shinde) comes to know about all this and sends his son Yamaganda (Master Bharath) and Chitra Gupta (Krishna Bhagawan) to bring her back.

As they fail in their mission, Lord Yama himself travels to Earth and takes her back. What does Naresh do in these circumstances? Does he win Yamaja back? That forms the rest of the story.

Plus Points :

Allari Naresh has done a very good job in the movie. His comedy timing was spot on and his punch dialogues will leave you in splits of laughter. The lengthy Dana Veera Soora Karna spoof came out very well and received a great response from the viewers.

Richa Panai looks very glamorous and is entertaining. But she needs to improve her acting fast.Veteran beauty Ramya Krishna is highly effective as Yama’s wife and she received a great response from front benchers for the ‘Attho Attamma Koothuro’ song. Shayaji Shinde is decent as Lord Yama.

Master Bharath and Krishna Bhagawan are very effective in the comedy department and they have entertained well.

The first half of the film has good comedy and goes along at a pretty fast pace. ‘Attho Attamma Koothuro’ song has been shot well.

Minus Points :

Despite so many positive aspects, the film is let down badly by the second half. The crucial aspects of the story are revealed in the first half itself and as a result, there is nothing much to narrate in the second half. Comedy also takes a back seat here and the entertainment delivered in the first half is badly missed.

Pace of narration becomes very slow in the second half. Very melodramatic scenes in this part of the film also lead to a sentimental overdose. When there is heavy sentiment without proper emotional justification, it tends to get very boring

The voice used to dub for Richa Panai is not good and sounds irritating.

Except for ‘Atto Attamma Koothuro’ , none of the other songs make an impression. The climax sequence is also not upto the mark and should have been handled better.

Technical Aspects :

Kranthi Reddy’s dialogues are very good and he has good future. Koti’s music is just average. Cinematography is neat. Editing should have been better in second half. Art director Kiran Kumar has done an admirable job.

Sattibabu’s direction is decent in the first half but he lost the plot completely in the second half. Production values are decent and graphics quality is good for the budget in which it was made.

Verdict :

‘Yamudiki Mogudu’ has a good and entertaining first half but the movie is let down badly by a poor second half. Allari Naresh, Master Bharath and Krishna Bhagawan have done a good job in the comedy department. A weak climax, sentimental overdose and slow narration spoil the flavour in the second half. Overall, the movie ends up as a decent one time watch. Rating – 3/5

Reviewed by Ashok Reddy M
(Translated by Emmess)

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