Lakshmi Manchu had to learn smoking for ‘Chandamama Kathalu’

It is known that Lakshmi Manchu will be seen as a Super Model in the latest flick ‘Chandamama Kathalu’. The director Praveen Sattaru revealed that he got Lakshmi Manchi to learn smoking for this movie.
“Lakshmi doesn’t smoke in real life but I wanted her to smoke for the role. She initially hesitated but after she understood how essential it was for her role, she agreed to do it.I wanted her to look authentic, so she had to smoke for a while to actually look like a super model. It wasn’t easy, but she did it for the role. Her role will be one of the highlights of the film,” Praveen said.

Chandamama Kathalu has released today (April 25th). The first few weeks will decide the fate of this film at the box office.