Audio Review : Singam – Decent Tunes
Published on Jun 25, 2013 8:00 pm IST

SingamTamil star Suriya is getting ready to hit the screens with ‘Singam’, the sequel to the successful police drama ‘Yamudu’. The audio album of this film was released recently in Hyderabad. Devi Sri Prasad has composed the music. Suriya will be seen with Anushka and Hansika in this film. Let us check out the audio album now.

1 .Waale Waale
Artist(s): Tippu
Lyricist: Sahithi


‘Waale Waale’ is a typical mass hero introduction song. The song has some rustic beats and loud lyrics. Sahithi has penned the lyrics for this song and they describe the character traits of the hero in a glorified manner. Tippu has done a good job with the vocals. The song has nice pace and DSP’s music is apt for the setting of this song. Overall, this is a decent song that will work if it has good visuals.

2 . Teliyadule
Artist(s): Shwetha Mohan
Lyricist: Ananth Sriram2

Teliyadule is easily the most melodious song of this album. Shwetha Mohan’s beautiful voice is a major asset for this song and she has done a very good job with the vocals. Anantha Sriram’s lyrics are nice and poetic. They describe the longing experienced by the heroine for her man. DSP’s music is very melodious and complements the song nicely. He has used both Indian and Western instruments for the soundtrack. Overall, this is a pretty solid and melodious solo number.

3. Singam Dance
Artist(s): Suchith Suresan, Sharmila
Lyricist: Ananth Sriram


‘Singam Dance’ is a romantic duet that has been sung by Suchith Suresan and Sharmila. This is a pub song and the teaser indicates that Suriya and Anushka will be seen in this number. Suchith Suresan and Sharmila have taken care of the lyrics and they have done an Ok job. Anantha Sriram’s lyrics are very ordinary. DSP’s music is just about ok. Overall, this ends up being just an average song.

4 . Sooridu Sooridu
Artist(s): MLR Karthikeyan
Lyricist: Ramajogaiyya Sastry4

Sooridu Sooridu is a powerful and emotional number that has been rendered very effectively by MLR Karthikeyan. Ramajogaiyya Sastry has penned the lyrics. The song will most probably be used during crucial episodes in the film which showcase Suriya in revenge mode. DSP has come up with a rousing music score for this song. Traditional instruments dominate the sound. While this song is nice to listen to, it will have better impact when coupled with good visuals.

5 .Simham Simham
Artist(s): DSP
Lyricist: Sahithi


The pallavi of this song is a slightly different take on the popular ‘Simham Simham He is Narasimham’ from the film ‘Yamudu’. Devi Sri Prasad has sung this song with good energy. This is one more song that will most likely be used during montage sequences. Sahithi’s lyrics are good and they describe the noble traits of a police officer. DSP’s music has good intensity. Like ‘Sooridu Sooridu’, this song will also work when it has good visuals.

6 . Nee Kanne Gunnai
Artist(s): Sagar, Priya Hemesh
Lyricist: Ramajogaiyya Sastry6

‘Nee Kanne Gunnai’ is a mass duet that is aimed at the front benchers. Sagar and Priya Hemesh have taken care of the vocals and they have done a good job. Ramajogaiyya Sastry’s lyrics are ok. DSP’s music has good energy and the peppy nature of the track makes it easy to like. The song will work well with the masses.

Verdict :

Devi Sri Prasad has come up with a very routine and safe album for ‘Singam’. There are some good tunes in the album, but there is nothing mind blowing about it. ‘Teliyadule’, ‘Nee Kanne Gunnai’ and ‘Sooridu Sooridu’ are the best songs from this album. The film is expected to be a commercial mass masala entertainer and the audio album accurately reflects that. This album is by no means DSP’s best, but you can definitely give it a shot.

Reviewed by Mahesh S Koneru


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