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Music Review : Premam – Romantic beauty
Published on Sep 21, 2016 3:40 am IST

The much-awaited audio of Naga Chaitanya’s Premam is finally out in the market. Composed by the super talented Gopi Sundar and Rajesh Murugesan, let’s now see how this album turns out to be.

Song 1 : 2Evare

Analysis : The album kick starts with the cult classic Malare. Set extremely well in Telugu, this song hits you right away with its soothing nature and simplicity. The lyrics are so beautiful that you instantly fall in love with them. What clicks with this number, even more, are the stunning vocals by Vijay Yesudas which take the song to another level. This song has already become a love anthem off late and will be an even bigger hit once the film releases.

Song 2 : 7Agarotuula

Analysis : The second song is the interesting number ‘Agarotuula Kurule’ which is made with a superb late 80’s feel. The composition and beats are old school and bring back good memories from the golden era. Naresh Iyer hums this number in an energetic tone and the romantic lyrics elevate the song completely. This is a teasing song where the hero goes all out wooing his lady love and is set to impress the youth for sure.

Song 3 : Ninna Leni

Analysis : 3Moving on, the album continues with yet another startling number Ninna Leni. This is one of the best songs in the album and catches your imagination right away. The lovable lyrics, Kathik’s memorable voice, and romantic feel create a beautiful aura around this number. This song will be a superb montage number and will engross you into its cute feeling after you watch it on screen.

Song 4 : 6Prema Pusene

Analysis : The fourth song in the album is heartbreak number Prema Pusene. Once again, the song is remade but has been changed and is like a reprise. Karthik steals the show right away with his melodious voice and pain in his singing. The common fact which lifts the entire album are the soulful lyrics which are superb in this hit number too.


bangSong 5 : Bang Bang

Analysis : Moving on, the next song in the album is a slightly fast number Bang Bang composed by Gopi Sunder. Sung by Hari Charan, this song is already doing quite well. Ram Jogayya Sastry impresses with some meaningful yet contemporary lyrics. The tune of the song is on the move instantly and keeps you hooked till the end. You will like this song once you watch the beautiful visuals.

Song 6 : 1Ennosarlu

Analysis : The sixth song is Ennosarlu which is a peppy dance number which has Gopi Sundar’s mark written all over it. The mood of the song is quite simple and lyrics are upbeat once again. A simple song which is passable and might impress after you watch it on the screen.


Song 7 : 4Evadu Evadu

Analysis : No Telugu album is complete without a mass number. Same is the case with Premam too. The album is ended with a massy college number which has been nicely executed and made a bit different from the original. The singing is superb and the youthfulness makes this song quite vibrant.


One can easily say that the music album of Premam is surely one of the best in the recent times. Even though there are three songs from the original, the way they have been adapted, composed and altered with beautiful lyrics is just awesome. Even the original compositions done by Gopi Sundar are terrific and give a superb feel. This is a kind of album where it is very hard to pick a favourite as all the songs have equal importance. Naga Chaitanya surely has a winning album in his hands which will impress everyone. The beautiful visuals and romantic mood of the film will surely take this album to the next level.

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