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Music Review : SPYder – Classy Album
Published on Sep 10, 2017 11:16 pm IST

The audio album of Superstar Mahesh Babu’s highly-anticipated spy-thriller, Spyder, was released yesterday in Chennai amidst huge fan fare. Here’s the review of the audio album:

Song 1: Boom Boom Boom Boom

Analysis: Boom Boom is the first track in the audio album. The song is sung by Nikita Gandhi. This seems to be the hero’s introduction song and it’s beautifully orchestrated with Saxophone playing intermittently.


Song 2: Ciciliya Ciciliya

Analysis: Ciciliya Ciciliya song is sung by Haricharan and Shakti Shree. This is a typical Harris mark breezy number. Guitars and piano support the peppy composition and vibrant vocals. The lyrics are also apt for the mood of the song.


Song 3: Haali Haalidisturb

Analysis: Haali Haali is a pucca folk song. Brijesh, Harini and Jogi Sunitha have lent their vocals for this energetic number. Though the tune of the song sounds good, the lyrics are not up to the mark. The song also reminds some of Harris’ previous songs, making it an average fare.

champesaveSong 4: Achcham Telugandham

Analysis: Achcham Telugandham is yet another soothing song in the album. The song is sung by Pravin Saivi, Christopher and Sathya Prakash. The song mostly features western beats and the lyrics are also catchy. The Tablas and Mrindhangams used in the interlude are good and created a nice fusion with the western beats.


Song 5: SPYder on Missiondisturb

Analysis: This can be called as the theme of SPYder. The soundtrack carries the emotion and elevates the situation. This theme music has already been well received by music lovers.



Fans and music lovers expect a good music album from star heroes films. As it’s a Mahesh Babu film, the expectations were quite high on Spyder’s audio album. Harris Jayaraj, who is back to Tollywood after a short gap, has tried to live up to the sky high expectations. Spyder’s songs have a good quality of music. While the first, second and the fourth song in the album are a treat for class audiences, the third song is a pucca folk song. Overall, Spyder’s audio album will attract the class audience and stands as a different album in Mahesh’s career.

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