Congress appoints Renuka Chowdhary to counter Team Anna

The UPA has pressed Renuka Chowdhary from Andhra Pradesh to counter Anna Hazare. The firebrand leader is known for her no-nonsense approach and is considered a staunch Sonia loyalist. She hit the ground running when she remarked that “’I don’t think we are in the business of constantly giving assurances to the public and to him (Anna Hazare). They must learn to respect that there is a system which needs to be respected. Beyond that we really cannot go giving in to such pressures. It is neither dignified nor nice.”

When the BJP condemned her remark she pressed on by adding that the Lokpal Bill will definitely see the light of the day. However it is a process that will take its time. ‘Whether we bring a stronger one and a tougher or not than is being asked for, will be seen in the winter session. Till then I think Anna Hazare and his team learn to keep their patience and counsel’ Chowdhary concluded.