Press Note : Apologies to North Bergen Movie Lovers‏

Apologies to North Bergen Movie lovers….
“Shirdi Sai” A devotional journey of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba released this Thursday September 6th all over the world with premieres on Wednesday September 5th all over USA. This movie is being distributed by Sai Sevaks (Volunteers) across NJ in three locations namely “The Big Cinemas at Movie city 8, Edison, NJ” , “Big Cinemas –Columbia Park, North Bergen, NJ” and “Multiplex Cinemas – East Windsor, NJ”. And the entire proceedings go to charity for Mother Theresa Foundation in Kolkata and Anand Maarg orphanage in Hyderabad.
Due to some technical problems and unavoidable circumstances, the shows in Big Cinemas –Columbia Park, North Bergen, NJ were dismissed causing huge disappointment to several movie lovers and Sai devotees. We the volunteers deeply apologize for the severe inconvenience caused. We feel guilty deep inside for the dismissal of the shows. Now things are straightened up by the divine interference and we have regular shows from this Friday. We sincerely request the audience to forgive us and enjoy the Magnum-opus on big screen this weekend.
On the other hand, we thank the Sai devotees and movie lovers and Akkineni fans for huge support and humongous support for the premieres in Edison and East Windsor. Audience response during the premiere was great and it’s nice to see them shouting “Sai naath Maharaj ki Jai” while watching the flick. Huge photo frame of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba is held at Edison. Priests are the performing prayers to the divine every evening and lamps are lit all over the day. Udi and special Laddu prasadam is distributed for every show. Do visit the nearby theatre to and enjoy the devotional flick.