Press Note : “Magaadu” fighting amidst Winter Storm in USA, Bujji

6th, December 2013 - 10:00:55 AM

After generating a good pre-release buzz, it is time for “Aadu Magaadra Bujji” (“ఆడు మగాడ్రా బుజ్జి”) to hit theaters in few hours. AMB got good response for premiers in Overseas but the severe winter storm that started in Central America which expanded later to East Coast affected the delivery of drives for premier shows in some major locations like New Jersey, Dallas, Chicago, Virginia, Houston, Kansas etc.

The drives are dispatched on time by distributor ‘CineGalaxy’ on Thursday itself but they were struck in transit and Fedex was unable to deliver on time to theaters for Friday Premiers. Even the locations like Houston which do not have snow fall are affected due to the cancelled connecting flights to final destinations from the snow affected cities.

Though the premiers are affected, all regular shows from Saturday are on time in all cities as drives arrived Friday night itself, at least in the late hours. Coming up with a Complete Package & a good Comedy/Action Entertainer AMB; Sudheer still has a fair chance of overcoming the winter storm obstacle in USA and covering it up all over the rest of the weekend to justify his title “ఆడు మగాడ్రా బుజ్జి”!!!